DAS Fleet Information for Agency Heads


This page is for Agency Heads. An Agency Head has the final say, regarding all aspects of vehicle use by their agencies. Refer to Executive Branch Requirements of the State-Owned, Light-Duty Vehicle Fleet for additional statutory and policy guidance. The Agency Head is responsible for:
  • Enforcing General Letter 115 guidelines at their agencies
  • Ensuring the efficient and cost-effective use of state-owned and rental vehicles
  • Determining the agency’s vehicle needs
  • Making determinations of continuous home garaging requests
  • Takes appropriate disciplinary action for violations of General Letter 115
  • Serving as, or designating, the Agency Transportation Administrator (ATA)
  • Having primary administrative access to agency vehicle telematics data and granting viewing authority to agency personnel as required
  • Performing monthly reviews of telematics data to ensure vehicle utilization is compliant with operational guidelines and General Letter 115