For Agency Transportation Administrators (ATA)


This page is for Agency Transportation Administrators (ATA). An ATA is a high-level manager or executive with fiscal and policy-making authority, who either is, or reports directly to, the agency head. The role held as the ATA, is critical in ensuring the correct use of State-Owned vehicles by agency drivers. Refer to Executive Branch Requirements of the State-Owned, Light-Duty Vehicle Fleet for additional statutory and policy guidance. The ATA is responsible for:
  • Reviewing internal agency request for telematics data
  • Rental vehicle authorization
  • Occasional Home Parking needs
  • Use of State-Owned vehicle by contract employees or volunteers
  • Authorizing reimbursements for personally-owned vehicle use
  • Insuring up-to-date insurance for personally-owned vehicle use on State Business
  • Agency usage reports of State-Owned and rental vehicles
  • Agency records for personally-owned vehicles reimbursements
  • Investigating complaints concerning agency state vehicle use
  • Obtaining permission and permits for State-Owned vehicle equipment additions
  • Ensuring agency drivers competency to operate a State-Owned vehicle