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This page contains the following information to support VAMS clinic users. For individuals searching for information or an appointment, click here.

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VAMS Registration and Account Activation  Visit the COVID-19 Vaccinations VAMS Support website for information on VAMS registration and account activation. Latest News

VAMS System Enhancements (Also found on the VAMS Help page)

  • Release 5.3 8/27/21
    • QR codes are available to display vaccine certificates for recipients, and clinic capacity report includes number of additional dose appointments
  • Release 5.2.2 8/20/21
    • Allows reporting of additional dose past vaccinations, additional dose data were added to reports, and clinic administrators can remove users from multiple clinics simultaneously 
  • Release 5.2.1 8/13/21
    • Updated to allow for the administration and scheduling of additional vaccine doses in VAMS
  • Release 5.2 7/29/21
    • Clinic Administrators can add/remove users and enable/disable multiple dose appointment reservations, recipients will receive reminders to complete their second dose


  • Un-enroll in CoVP: Steps to take to un-enroll in the COVID-19 Vaccination Program (CoVP)
  • Downsizing Mass Clinics: Steps to take when downsizing mass clinics
  • Record past doses given outside or within VAMS
  • Reduce duplicate patient records: Thoroughly search VAMS before adding a new recipient.
  • Third Party/Organization Portals: Always use a new Template to populate, save and upload. Do not use previously saved templates.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) VAMS Training Materials

Desk Guides

VAMS General Information
 Clinic Guides
 Business Processes

Upcoming Trainings

The following VAMS and CoVP trainings are currently available.  Please click on a link to register or join a session.



CoVP CT WiZ Enrollment Office Hours
This session provides COVID-19 Vaccinating Providers information about the enrollment process in CT WiZ as well as Q&A with DPH staff.

Join: CoVP CT WiZ Enrollment Office Hours

CT WiZ/VAMS Office Hours
This session allows CT WiZ and VAMS users to call in any time during the scheduled office hours and ask a question to a DPH subject matter expert. Please note, questions will be answered in the order in which they are received.


Join: CT WiZ/VAMS Office Hours

Vaccine Storage and Handling Assessment
These assessments are by invitation only. To set up a CoVP Storage and Handling Assessment Session you must have completed CoVP enrollment and received an email to attend from DPH staff.

 Tuesdays 10:00am-11:00am

 By invitation Only  

Bi-Weekly CoVP Update
This session provides CoVP Vaccinating Providers updates on the CoVP Program and Q&A with DPH staff.

Every other Wednesday Effective 6/16/2021
9:00am - 10:00am
Join: CoVP Office Hours


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