How do I add historical and current immunizations to a patient's record in CT WiZ?

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Please keep in mind:


  • In order to add and administer immunizations in your clinic, the vaccine must be in your clinic’s on-hand inventory.
  • Clinics must properly document the patient and dose level eligibility according to: Connecticut's Vaccine Eligibility Criteria.
    • Clinics using CT WiZ User Interface/Direct Data Entry: select the ‘Patient Level Eligibility’ in the Demographics screen which will populate and default to the Administer Vaccines screen. After adding the vaccine(s), you can change a vaccine’s eligibility ‘at the dose level’ on this screen, if needed.
    • Clinics onboarded with their EHR are currently reporting patient and dose level eligibility per HL7 requirements.
  • Avoid borrowing vaccine between your private and public stock.
  • Historical immunizations do not decrement from the clinic’s inventory.
  • Enter vaccine refusals
  • Add and Administer quick guide
  • Body Site Codes quick guide

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