About Connecticut Immunization Coalition

Learn about the Connecticut Immunization Coalition

Through a diverse membership, the Coalition can respond to the ever-changing issues related to vaccinations. Currently, the Coalition consists of 70 members from state and local health departments, community organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and more. Members serve in many capacities allowing the coalition to have rich perspectives, diverse knowledge sharing, and broad outreach throughout communities in Connecticut. The Coalition aims to grow membership and involve additional Connecticut stakeholders.

Currently, the Coalition meets virtually the first Friday of every month, with the exception of holiday weekends.


Empower, educate, promote awareness, and assist in removing barriers to encourage vaccination among the community.


Improve access to adult immunizations and increase adult immunization rates.


In late 2022, the Coalition’s leadership participated in the Success Framework for Adult Immunization Partner Networks Case Study: Connecticut Diversifying Partners within an Immunization Coalition with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC developed this framework to serve as a guide for national jurisdictions as they collaboratively work to improve their area’s vaccination coverage and reduce disparities in adult vaccination rates.

Within this case study, Connecticut Immunization Coalition leadership identified pertinent gaps to focus efforts in the near future. Those were outlined to address Coalition vision, partner & membership expansion, Coalition funding, and setting actionable goals.