Nurses and healthcare workers assisting child in a healthcare setting.

School Nurses

The DPH immunization team is here to help you help students who have fallen behind on their immunizations – and keep them on track. Please use the links on this page to access the resources you need to make sure all students are safe from vaccine-preventable diseases.

CT WiZ Training for School Nurses

We encourage school nurses to use CT WiZ. If you don’t administer vaccines to students at your school(s) or related clinics, you will have “read-only” access to view resources and run reports. If you administer vaccines to students at your school(s) or related clinics, you will be given clinic-level access, which allows you to view and update information for students at your school(s).
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How to Request Access to CT WiZ

Click on the links below to learn how to request an account, log in, address common issues, and update your details. Please note that school nurse assistants, such as LPNs and unlicensed aids, cannot access CT WiZ. Only school nurses are allowed to access records for students.
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How to get help with CT WiZ

For assistance with using CT WiZ, submit a request to our Helpdesk using the CT WiZ School Nurse category.

CT WiZ School Nurses Desk Guide

This comprehensive guide shows you how to manage student rosters, view and update student records, identify students who are due and overdue for immunizations, and more. Please keep in mind that some students may not be in CT WiZ because they were born out of state or they were opted out of CT WiZ by their parents. Others may be difficult to find in CT WiZ because their record doesn’t exactly match your student roster upload.

CT WiZ School Nurses Desk Guide 

View the latest guide.

Student Roster Upload Template 

Use this spreadsheet to upload your school roster to CT WiZ.

School Roster Import File Specifications 

See the process, business rules, input file format and data types, and the file outputs for the student roster interface.

Print an Official Immunization Record 

Learn how to view and print student immunization records in CT WiZ.

CT WiZ Training Videos

School Resources


Get helpful CDC resources, including vaccination coverage reports, disease names in 17 languages, and accessing student immunization records.

2023-2024 Immunization Requirements 

Review the requirements for students enrolled in Connecticut schools.

School Immunization Survey Results 

See the most current data from the annual School Immunization Survey.

Measles Information for School Nurses (DPH) 

Learn about measles, vaccination requirements, case investigation, and managing exposed contacts in a school setting.

View which vaccines are due and when in CT WiZ 

School Nurses can use the Recommender in CT WiZ to see which vaccines an individual student in their school is due for.