Connecticut Immunization Coalition Membership Meeting

Get Involved

Membership is open to any organization or individual interested in the scope of vaccination as a prevention tool. Your organization should complete and submit the registration form linked below. Interested parties will receive confirmation of acceptance to the email provided. Our leadership and members are eager to welcome you to our mission to further vaccine uptake in our communities!

Feel free to explore the website to learn more, someone from the Connecticut Immunization Coalition will correspond soon.At the monthly meetings, which are currently held virtually, coalition members keep updated on vaccine supply and distribution, share best practices and coordinate vaccine delivery. The Coalition is also able to work on educational pieces, coordinate publicity, coordinate efforts to vaccinate in workplace settings, monitor legislation related to adult vaccinations and seek funding for vaccination efforts.

Additionally, Coalition members can participate in committees throughout the year. A popular opportunity is participation on the Annual Influenza Update Conference planning committee, which runs from February through September. The Annual Influenza Update Conference is held each year in the fall with a focus on adult vaccinations. This annual one-day conference covers the latest in influenza, pneumococcal, COVID-19, pertussis, and other adult vaccination news. The conference also focuses on new adult vaccine products, changes in ACIP recommendations for adult vaccinations and new vaccination campaigns at CDC.