Vaccine Providers

Group of five diverse healthcare professionals. Mixture of doctors in the back and nurses in the front.

HealthCare Workers and Professionals

Connecticut’s Vaccine Providers and Healthcare providers with access to CT WiZ can view information specific to the type of provider they are, or view information and training resources to assist with your role in using CT WiZ!
CT WiZ Login 
Vaccine Provider CT WiZ Training

Vaccine Provider CT WiZ Training

Manage, search, view, modify and correct a patient's record in our CTWiZ system
CT WiZ User Account Help

CT WiZ User Account Help

Set up your CT WiZ username, login, password, address existing user / password issues and update your role and clinical information.

CT WiZ Onboarding (HL7/UI) 

For immunization providers/clinics to submit your CT WiZ Application to start the onboarding process.

School Nurses 

For School Nurses who use to CT WiZ to verify the immunization status of students in their school.

Yellow Fever 

Procedure for providers in the State of Connecticut who wish to become certified to administer the yellow fever vaccine.

Connecticut Vaccine Program (CVP) 

For providers currently enrolled or starting the process of enrolling in CVP or CVFA.

COVID-19 Vaccine Providers (CoVP) 

For providers enrolled to order COVID-19 vaccine from the CVP or Bridge Program.

CT WiZ Training 

For both CVP and CVFA providers, and other healthcare professionals with access to CT WiZ.