Yellow Fever Vaccine Certification and Stamp

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Procedure for State of Connecticut Provider’s to obtain a Yellow Fever Vaccine Certification and Stamp


Procedure for providers in the State of Connecticut who wish to become certified to administer the yellow fever vaccine:

  1. Providers requesting to get certified to administer yellow fever vaccine will need to email and include the following information from the “Yellow Fever Vaccine Application”. Please note that all fields on the application must be filled out completely.

  2. Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) Immunization Program reviews all Yellow Fever Vaccine ApplicationsUpon certification, the DPH emailthe three documents as seen belowand informSanofi Pasteur that the provider is now officially certified to administer yellow fever vaccine in the State of Connecticut.

    • Document 1 – An official State of Connecticut certification sent to the provider to Administer the yellow fever vaccine.

    • Document 2 – An official certification sent to Sanofi Pasteur enabling the facility to place their yellow fever vaccine orders. Please note that all yellow fever vaccine orders are placed directly to Sanofi Pasteur and are not placed at the State of Connecticut.

    • Document 3 –An official certification for the yellow fever stamp, with the physician’s license number on it, which will be used to order the stamp from the Hartford Stamp CompanyOnce this document is received from the DPH, the provider will be responsible to contact the Hartford Stamp Company to purchase a stamp. 

  3. Certified yellow fever providers who can administer yellow fever vaccine in the State of Connecticut will be added to the CDC’s Yellow Fever Traveler's Health webpagePlease visit the CDC’s Yellow Fever FAQ webpage for additional information.

For additional questions, please email or call our Immunization Program at (860) 509-7929 during business hours.