How do I request a CT WiZ User Account?

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How do I request a CT WiZ user account?

To obtain a username and password for CT WiZ, you must first meet the following criteria:

  • Review the user access types to request the correct type of access. 
    • Note: If requesting ‘clinic access’ type, please ensure your primary or backup vaccine coordinator has added you to the clinic staff in CT WiZ before you submit your username request. DPH refers to the clinic staff screen when reviewing user requests. 
  • Request a user account here. If you’re associated with multiple clinics, enter each clinic PIN in the "Organization Name" field, separated by a comma.  You don’t need a user account for each clinic you’re associated with. If you’re a school nurse, you must be the school's registered nurse (RN).


Note: If you’re trying to access the CT WiZ public portal, you DON’T need a username for the CT WiZ Immunization Information System. The public portal uses "two factor authentication" to verify identity, so a username isn’t required. To enter the CT WiZ Public Portal:

  • Enter your search information.
  • Verify your identity by selecting either Text or Email, and you’ll receive a verification code to enter the portal. Please note: If an email is not received instantly, check your spam and junk email folders.
  • If the phone number or email address you provided is incorrect and does not match what is in the patient record you will not be able to access the record through the portal.
  • For support, click the HELP button on the top right corner of the public portal.

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