How can I return vaccines in CT WiZ?

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You need to document returns in CT WiZ to successfully complete a vaccine reconciliation. The Vaccine Returns screen within the Inventory module allows you to process vaccine returns for unopened, full vaccines to be returned to the manufacturer.


Reasons vaccines may be returned include:

  • Vaccine has expired
  • Vaccine is no longer viable due to a temperature excursion

Please include detailed comments as to what happened and how the facility will prevent future wastage. If a vaccine return is missing a clinic comment known as a spoilage letter, it will be rejected.

The Main Contact/Shipping Contact will receive a UPS Quantum Return Label from a 'no reply e-mail' to return doses to the manufacturer once a vaccine return is approved in CT WiZ and submitted to the manufacturer.

You need to document wasted vaccines in CT WiZ to successfully complete a vaccine reconciliation. Wasted vaccines should be properly disposed of and adjusted out of CT WiZ inventory.

Reasons vaccines may be wasted include:

  • Broken vials/syringes
  • Partial vials of vaccine
  • Vaccine that has been drawn but not administered

All vaccines returned and wasted are reviewed by the 
Department of Public Health Vaccine Coordinator.


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