How can I update my access, clinic information and user account in CT WiZ?

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Update your access in CT WiZ

If you do not have the necessary permissions to perform your job duties in CT WiZ, you need to submit a request to our helpdesk. Include your access type, and information on which functions you are missing, e.g., “search for patients”, “clinic information”, “running reports”. As a reminder, review the user access types to request the correct type of access. 


Update your associated clinics

If you’re associated with multiple clinics but do not see all those clinics in the Clinic drop-down on the Home screen, submit a request to our helpdesk to have the other clinics added.  Include the clinic’s name and PIN.  You do not need to register for another user account.  


Update your CT WiZ user account or clinic information

Primary/back-up vaccine coordinators and the physician signing the agreement can change clinic details directly in CT WiZ by taking the following steps:

  • Go to the Clinic Information screen
  • Select “Clinic Tools”, then select “Clinic Information”.
  • Below “Clinic Information”, select the information you want to change.


Details that can be changed include:

  • Clinic name and address
  • Phone number and fax number
  • Delivery hours
  • Clinic Staff (name, email, role, title, and training)
  • Main contact/shipping (can only be one main contact per location)
  • Contact administering vaccines and/or prescribing vaccines (will populate staff listing in user interface dropdowns after updated)
  • Changes to clinic name, address, and staff trigger a notification sent to the DPH immunization program for review and approval. You can check the Change Request History section on the page where you made the change, and the bell icon in the top right corner shows the status of the request. 

Deactivate username, change username name or email, or username/password reset
If you need to deactivate a username, or change username name or email, or username/password reset, please submit a request to our
helpdesk - select Immunizations (CT WiZ) - CT WiZ Login (Username or Password Issues) - Update CT WiZ user account.

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