How do I document wasted CVP or CVFA vaccines?

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You need to document wasted vaccines in CT WiZ to successfully complete a vaccine reconciliation. Wasted vaccines should be properly disposed of and adjusted out of CT WiZ inventory.

Reasons vaccines may be wasted include:

  • Broken vials/syringes
  • Partial vials of vaccine
  • Vaccine that has been drawn but not administered

You need to document a vaccine return in CT WiZ for unopened, full vaccines to be returned to the manufacturer.

Reasons vaccines may be returned include:

  • Vaccine has expired
  • Vaccine is no longer viable due to a temperature excursion

The Main Contact/Shipping Contact will receive a UPS Quantum Return Label from a 'no reply e-mail' to return doses to the manufacturer once a vaccine return is approved in CT WiZ and submitted to the manufacturer.


All vaccines wasted and returned are reviewed by the Department of Public Health Vaccine Coordinator.

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