Managing Clinic Rosters in CT WiZ

Read time: 6 minutes

Clinics should frequently review and update their roster of patients associated with their clinic. This should include adding any new patients and removing patients who have moved out of state or transferred to another provider. A clinic automatically takes ownership of a patient in CT WiZ when they administer a shot if they are a medical home (this won't happen with SBHCs, Health Departments, etc. that are not medical homes).


  • Click here to view a video about Managing Clinic Rosters in CT WiZ

You can also view these training materials on adding and removing patients in your clinic in CT WiZ.

  • Before adding a patient to CT WiZ:
  • Always perform a thorough search for a patient before adding a new patient record to CT WiZ. This prevents duplicate records for the patient.
  • All children born in Connecticut are automatically enrolled in CT WiZ.
  • Patients not born in Connecticut are automatically enrolled when clinics are onboarded with CT WiZ, either through their EHR or direct entry, and vaccines are administered and reported. Parents or adult patients send signed permission to the DPH to remove them from CT WiZ only if they wish to opt-out. Luckily, this is only <1%, as the majority of patients are enrolled in the statewide CT WiZ.
  • If your patient moves to another Connecticut clinic or leaves the state, the patient should no longer be affiliated with your clinic in CT WiZ. View this training materials to learn how to remove a patient from your clinic.

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