How do I correct data entry errors and flag possible duplicate patients in CT WiZ?

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Correcting Data Entry Errors

For Electronic Health Record (EHR) clinics reporting through HL7:

  • Please correct the immunization record in your EHR system and resubmit the HL7 record to CT WiZ.
  • If the immunization was not administered by your clinic, you cannot change the data error. Instead, please fax the immunization record to DPH FAX (860) 707-1925.

For User Interface (UI) clinics updating immunization records directly in CT WiZ:

  • Please correct the immunization record in CT WiZ.
  • If you are not able to edit a field or delete an immunization, please enter the immunization as a duplicate shot and then report the issue. Select Helpdesk, use the category CT WiZ Patient Management and the Report records for DPH review/correction. Include only the CT WiZ patient ID in your request.
Duplicate Patients

You can only flag a possible duplicate patient record in CT WiZ. You cannot merge the records nor delete a record. Once you flag a record as a possible duplicate, CT WiZ administrative staff will review the record and de-activate it, if appropriate.


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