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This page consists of training materials for CT WiZ users. Some of these trainings are only for full access users. A full access user belongs to a clinic that orders CVP vaccines and administer doses in CT WiZ. These trainings are marked with an asterisk (*).
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Patient Vaccines

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Vaccine Inventory and Ordering *
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What is CT WiZ and what does it do?

CT WiZ is a comprehensive web-based immunization information system (IIS) for CT that integrates the management of patient immunization with vaccine inventory.  The system has the potential for two-way communication with clinic electronic health records (EHRs) using HL7 messaging.     

CT Wiz can be used to: 
  • Manage patient immunization records
  • Run clinic reports
  • Conduct vaccine inventory management
What happens when I log in for the first time? 
When you receive your login information, you are given a temporary password.  When you log in for the first time, you will be instructed to change your temporary password and set up your Password Questions. 
How do I reset my password?
You can reset your own password by clicking on the Forgot Password? link on the CT WiZ Login page.
How do I navigate in CT WiZ?
CT WiZ has a left side menu allowing you to quickly navigate between modules and screens.  By clicking on the + sign on each module, the module expands to display the screens in that module.  You should also look for icons that can help you find your way in CT WiZ. 
How do I update the VIS?
The Vaccine Information Statement (VIS) for each vaccine is updated by CDC periodically.  When a new VIS is released by the CDC, the default VIS in CT WiZ will be changed automatically. English and Spanish VIS can be printed from CT WiZ by accessing the Forms section of the Reports module.  Current VIS documents can be found in many other languages at https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/hcp/vis/index.html.
How do I change information about my clinic (update staff/email/clinic)?
Clinic information changes, such as address, name, staff, phone number and delivery hours, require approval from DPH.  You can make the changes in CT WiZ, then a notification is sent to DPH for review and approval. You can view the status of your request in the Change Request History section on the page where you made the change.  However, if you need to deactivate a user or move a CT WiZ user to another clinic, submit a ticket to our Helpdesk.
For additional help on this topic, submit a ticket to our Helpdesk.
How can I access help in CT WiZ?

There are 3 ways to access help within CT WiZ. 

  • There are blue "i" icons that appear next to the screen name at the top of the page. Click on the  'i' to find detailed information about the screen.
  • For screens with video tutorials, there is a 'Learn More' link under the screen name.
  • When you click on your name in the top right corner, select Application Help to find all the video tutorials by topic.

  How can I access help in CT WiZ?

How do I print out an official immunization record?
In CT WiZ, you can print out an official immunization record in two places:  
  • On the patient’s Immunization Home screen, under Links at the top of the page.
  • In the Reports module under the Patient section.
How do I search for, view and modify a patient’s record?
Before searching for a patient’s record, be sure you have the correct Provider and Clinic showing at the top of the page.  
There are two ways to search for a patient:
  • Click on the Patient Search at the top of the screen
  • Click on Patients module in the left side menu and then click on Search.
How do I change a patient’s name and/or date of birth?
A user cannot change a patient’s name and/or date of birth in CT WiZ.  This must be done by the Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) Immunization Program.
Submit a ticket to our Helpdesk to have the changes made.
How do I add a patient to my clinic?
Usually, you will not need to add a patient to CT WiZ because:
  • CIRTS data was transferred into CT WiZ
  • Newly born children are being entered into CT Wiz by DPH
Always search for a patient before adding him/her to CT WiZ. This will prevent duplicates.
While you will usually not need to add a patient, your new patients will have to become affiliated to your clinic. 
How do I remove a patient from my clinic?
If your patient moves to another clinic within CT or leaves Connecticut he/she should no longer be affiliated with your clinic.
There are two methods to inactivate a patient from your clinic:
  • Mark the patient inactive at your clinic on the Programs screen
  • Use the Inactive Patients Report in the Patient Management section of Reports
How do I correct data entry errors on a patient record?
This depends on the type of data error.  
For Electronic Health Record (EHR) clinics reporting through HL7, you need to correct the data in your electronic health record system and resubmit the HL7 record.
For clinics entering and changing data directly in CT WiZ, you can go back to the screen where the data was entered. If the field is shaded, you cannot change the data and will need to contact our Helpdesk.
For additional help on this topic, submit a ticket to our Helpdesk.
How do I report/correct duplicate patient records?
You can only flag a possible duplicate patient record in CT WiZ.  You cannot merge the records nor delete a record. Once you flag a record as a possible duplicate, a CT WiZ Admin staff will review the record and de-activate it, if appropriate. 
For additional help on this topic, submit a ticket to our Helpdesk.
How do I add current and/or historical immunizations?
The Immunization Home screen in CT WiZ allows you to enter both current immunizations you administer in your office and immunizations that were given in the past.  Starting from the Immunization Home screen choose ‘Add Vaccines’ when administering vaccines in your office and ‘Add History’ when entering data on historical vaccinations. 
A few things to keep in mind if you use CT WiZ to manage vaccine inventory: 
  • The vaccine must be in your clinic’s inventory in order to add and administer immunizations in your clinic.
  • Avoid borrowing vaccine between your private and public stock.
  • Historical immunizations do not decrement from the clinic’s inventory.

Add current and/or historical immunizations 

How do I access vaccine coverage information?
Vaccine coverage information is available for the state on the DPH dashboard.
Clinics can run coverage information for their patients using the Data Quality-User section and the Coverage Statistics section in the Reports module. 
For additional help on this topic, submit a ticket to our Helpdesk.
How do I figure out which vaccines are due and when?
In CT WiZ, you can run a reminder/recall report for an individual patient using the Recommender. You can also run a reminder/recall for your entire clinic using the Reports module.    
For additional help on this topic, submit a ticket to our Helpdesk.
How does inventory management work?
The Inventory Management quick guide gives an overview of each aspect of inventory management.
For additional help on this topic, submit a ticket to our Helpdesk.
How do I place, track and receive vaccine orders?
The Vaccine Orders screen within the Inventory module allows you to place and track your clinic’s vaccines.  You will then receive your vaccine order on the Vaccine On-Hand screen.
When placing your order, keep the following in mind:
  • Vaccines are ordered by package rather than by dose.
  • You must click on the Submit button for your order to be placed. 
  • Your vaccine order must be approved by the Department of Public Health (DPH) before it is filled.
  • You need to ensure your shipping and delivery information is correct.

Receive an inventory shipment

If you order vaccines using CT WiZ, vaccines are added into your inventory automatically once you indicate that you have received them.
The Vaccines On-Hand screen within the Inventory module allows you to view, modify and manually add to your inventory. 
How do I transfer vaccines?
Transferring vaccines means you are moving vaccines from one clinic to another clinic.  You can only transfer vaccines to providers who have been set up in CT WiZ to order vaccines. The Inventory On-Hand screen within the Inventory module allows you to transfer specific vaccines to another clinic and also receive any vaccines transferred to your clinic.
How do I document borrowed vaccines?
When you borrow a vaccine, you are either using private vaccine stock to vaccinate a VFC eligible child or using VFC vaccines to vaccinate a non-VFC eligible child.
Remember, you must have your private inventory entered into CT WiZ to borrow vaccines.
How do I account for expired and wasted vaccines?
You will need to account for expired and wasted vaccines to successfully complete a vaccine reconciliation. You can make adjustments to these vaccines on the Vaccine On-Hand screen within the Inventory module.  The adjustments will then remove the vaccine from your on-hand inventory.
How do I return vaccines?
There are times when you may need to return vaccines to the manufacturer, for reasons such as expired or kept at an inappropriate temperature.
The Vaccine Returns screen within the Inventory module allows you to process vaccine returns.
How do I use Electronic Decrementing?

This function enables users of HL7 practices to see if vaccines that were administered in their EHR can be matched to the CT WiZ inventory on hand.
How often a practice uses Electronic Decrementing is up to the clinic. Keep in mind that the longer you wait, the more matching/corrections will need to be made. However Electronic Decrementing must be done before Reconciliations.

  Electronic Decrementing

How do I prepare/conduct a reconciliation?
Clinics who use CT WiZ for inventory management are required to perform regular reconciliations and a reconciliation must be completed before ordering vaccine. Taking the time to prepare your reconciliation will help ensure a smooth process.