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This page consists of training materials for CT WiZ users. 

  • Find out the latest news on CT WiZ.

  • Review “How do I” documents with written instructions and screen shots.

  • Missed a webinar? Watch the video at your convenience.

  • Training Materials also found in CT WiZ using the  icons and  links.

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News and Webinars CT WiZ Training Resources


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Training Webinars

Are you ready to go "live" with CT WiZ? Register for a Direct Data Entry training webinar and start using CT WiZ right away.

  • Same day data entry of patient-level information on all CVP doses administered.
  • View “Recommender” to see due/overdue/invalid doses to prevent under or over-vaccinating.
  • Run your own Reminder/Recall Report to find patients that are not up to date.
  • Order CVP vaccines, track and accept vaccine orders and manage your inventory all in one system.
  • Ability to run and assess your clinic’s immunization coverage rate reports.
  • After the training, you must start using CT WiZ for all your transactions.  No more paper forms.

    Registration Steps

    1. Watch Direct Data Entry Patient Management video.
    2. Complete and submit the registration form.
    3. Submit your physical vaccine inventory the day of your training.  CVP will email your final inventory the day before your training.
    4. Register for an upcoming webinar. 

    Thursday July 30, 2020

    Monday August 3, 2020

    Tuesday August 11, 2020

    Thursday August 20, 2020

    Wednesday August 26, 2020

CT WiZ “How do I” Documents

Training Videos

These training videos walk you through the steps for managing your patients and vaccine inventory.


Direct Data Entry Patient Management (17 mins)

  • Search for and add patients (00:18)
  • Update patient demographics (02:58)
  • Update patient status/clinic ownership (04:00)
  • Add historical immunizations (07:00)
  • Add/Administer current immunizations (11:25)
  • Run appropriate reports for your clinic (14:38)

EHR (HL7) Patient Management (13 mins)

  • Search for patients (01:25)
  • Patient demographics (04:00)
  • Patient status and ownership (04:55)
  • Review immunizations (08:05)
  • Run appropriate reports for your clinic (11:03)

Direct Data Entry Inventory Management (27 mins)

  • On-Hand Inventory (00:41)
  • Vaccine Returns (09:20)
  • Inventory Reconciliations (13:30)
  • Place Vaccine Order (20:57)
  • Vaccine Shipment (24:00)
  • Help in CT WiZ (26:00)



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