CT WiZ Patient Management

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Print an official immunization record

In CT WiZ, you can print an immunization record in two places.

  • On the patient's Immunization Home screen, under Links at the top of the page.
  • In the Reports module under the Patient section. 

Search for, view, modify a patient’s record     

  • Before searching for a patient’s record, be sure you have the correct Provider and Clinic showing at the top of the page.       
  • A user cannot change a patient’s name and/or date of birth in CT WiZ.  This must be done by the Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) Immunization Program.
  • View and add Precautions/Contraindications.

Correct data entry errors

This depends on the type of data error.

  • For Electronic Health Record (EHR) clinics reporting through HL7:
    • Please correct the immunization record in your EHR system and resubmit the HL7 record to CT WiZ.
    • If the immunization was not administered by your clinic, you cannot change the data error.  Instead, please fax the immunization record to DPH FAX (860) 707-1925.
  • For User Interface (UI) clinics updating immunization records directly in CT WiZ:
    • Please correct the immunization record in CT WiZ.
    • If you are not able to edit a field or delete an immunization, please enter the immunization as a duplicate shot and report the issue, by including only the CT WiZ patient ID, through the Helpdesk under Category: CT WiZ Patient Management, Topic: Report records for DPH review/correction.

Duplicate Patients

You can only flag a possible duplicate patient record in CT WiZ.  You cannot merge the records nor delete a record. Once you flag a record as a possible duplicate, CT WiZ Admin staff will review the record and de-activate it, if appropriate.


Access vaccine coverage information

View which vaccines are due and when

  • You can use the Recommender for an individual patient on the Immunizations Home screen.
  • You can run a Reminder/Recall report for your entire clinic using the Reports module.  

CT WiZ Reports Manual

This manual provides clinic users an overview of selected reports that are the most commonly used in CT WiZ. The reports can be used to optimize staff time and resources, and to improve clinical workflow.


Note: The CT WiZ Reports Manual was updated on 6/29/21 to include a new COVID-19 immunization report (starting on page 55 of the manual). 


Patient status and clinic ownership (Add and Remove patients) 

Clinics should maintain an accurate roster of active patients to ensure accurate coverage assessments and to run cleaner reminder/recall reports.


A clinic automatically takes ownership of a patient in CT WIZ when they ‘administer a shot’ if they are a medical home (this won’t happen with SBHC, Health Depts, etc). You can manually take ownership using the Programs screen.


Before adding a patient to CT WiZ:

  • Always perform a thorough search for a patient before adding a new patient record to CT WiZ. This prevents duplicate records for the patient.
  • All children born in Connecticut are automatically enrolled in CT WiZ.
  • Patients not born in Connecticut are automatically enrolled when clinics are onboarded with CT WiZ, either through their EHR or direct entry, and vaccines are administered and reported. Parents or adult patients send signed permission to the DPH to remove them from CT WiZ only if they wish to opt-out. Luckily, this is only <1%, as the majority of patients are enrolled in the statewide CT WiZ.

If your patient moves to another Connecticut clinic or leaves the state, the patient should no longer be affiliated with your clinic in CT WiZ. There are two methods to remove a patient from your clinic:

  • Mark the patient inactive at your clinic on the Programs screen.
  • Use the Inactive Patient Report in the Patient Management section of Reports.
  • For patients who leave the state, you also need to mark them as inactive in the jurisdiction (state of Connecticut).

Add historical and current immunizations

A few things to keep in mind: 

Update the VIS

The Vaccine Information Statement (VIS) for each vaccine is updated by CDC periodically.  When a new VIS is released by the CDC, the default VIS in CT WiZ is changed automatically. English and Spanish VIS can be printed from CT WiZ by accessing the Forms section of the Reports module.  Current VIS documents can be found in many other languages at https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/hcp/vis/index.html.

Need more information?

Submit a request to our Helpdesk. Please enter as much detail as possible to describe the issue or question. Attach screen shots, if possible, to the email.  Depending on the priority of the issue or question, inquiries can be resolved between 1 and 5 business days.