What is STEP? 
STEP stands for Supporting Transformation to Empower People.  DDS has a variety of service options that can help meet a person’s support needs by assisting them in reaching their goals. 

Our system has historically relied upon more traditional models of support, which will continue to exist and may still be the best fit for some individuals.  However, STEP emphasizes progressive supports that focus on independence, integration, and empowerment. 

STEP is at the heart of DDS’s work to help individuals experience the DDS mission and live the most inclusive and independent life they can. 

Enabling people to take more control of their lives and ensuring that they feel valued and respected in the process is a critical first STEP toward this goal.  Many of the core STEP supports are newer and may be less familiar to some, so STEP is helping us to highlight and expand them. 

We are excited to share more with you about these core supports as we continue our STEP journey together!

STEP’s seven core supports:

  • Self-direction
  • Community Companion Home (CCH)
  • Supportive Housing
  • Individualized Home Support (IHS)
  • Assistive Technology (AT)
  • Remote Support
  • Employment

STEP Information for Individuals & Families:

STEP Newsletters

STEP Fact Sheet (Spanish)

More informational fact sheets, videos and materials coming soon!

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