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HR Centralization Update from October 16, 2020

Thank you for your continued support during these challenging and uncertain times. Below is an announcement concerning the new Learning Platform for Executive Branch State Employees, which was shared with all centralized agency Commissioners today.


Going live with the Human Resources and Labor Relations centralization initiative has enabled DAS to begin forming a new functional area and leverage technology focused on the learning and development of our workforce. DAS is preparing to launch LinkedIn Learning, an online learning platform that offers modern and responsive courseware to address workplace and societal issues, compliance, business, technical, and skill development, with some content developed by thought leaders and industry-expert authors. Most importantly, the platform provides learning paths to help us each manage the profound changes brought about by COVID-19, and also initiate a process of introspection that we hope will widen our view of the world and address racial injustice.          

Prior to the launch that will be announced in the near future, your employees will receive and should accept an email invitation to join LinkedIn Learning and follow the instructions to set up an account. In conjunction with this, the Employee Learning and Development page on ct.gov will be redesigned to provide guidance to employees with questions about account management and learning content. The page will also be used to access other mandatory statewide learning programs, such as compliance training.   

Please inform your respective agencies of the anticipated LinkedIn Learning launch and to expect an invitation. More details and FAQ’s will be shared at the time of the launch. Please reach out to Nick Hermes at Nicholas.Hermes@ct.gov or Peg Hackett at  Margaret.Hackett@ct.gov with any questions.

Thank you in advance for your support and focus on the learning and development of our workforce.