A Programs and Services Overview of DAS Procurement


DAS Procurement Services is comprised of the following programs.  Please follow the links to each program webpage.

  • DAS Procurement Strategic Business Plan – The DAS Procurement staff are committed to excellence!  The key to excellence is understanding  and committing to our mission and creating a strategy to ensure we meet our goals of improving customer service, fostering and sustaining a strong work environment, strong staff performance and being accountable.   Through our business plan we are strive to continuously improve our business processes and align our resources to meet the State’s business needs. 

  • Contracting Program - Charged with the purchase and provision of supplies, materials, equipment and contractual services, as cited in C.G.S § 4a-51 for executive branch state agencies; as well as the purchasing, leasing and contracting for all information system and telecommunication system facilities, equipment and services for state agencies as cited in C.G.S § 4d-2(b)(4). 
  • Purchasing Card Program (P-Card)In accordance with C.G.S. § 4-98(c), the P-Card program is a credit card program co-administered by DAS and the Office of the State Comptroller. The P-Card is a MasterCard and is used as a convenient payment tool (like a personal credit card) to assist state agencies, municipalities and not-for-profits with their purchases.  All state purchasing policies are observed with the use of the P-Card. 

  • Construction Contractor Prequalification Program - Prequalifies building contractors and subcontractors to enable them to bid on a contract or perform work pursuant to a contract for the construction, alteration, repair or demolition of public building or any other public work by the state or a municipality, estimated to cost more than $500,000 and which is funded in whole or in part with state funds, except a public highway or bridge project or any other construction project administered by the Department of Transportation. This program is cited in C.G.S. § 4a-100.   
  • Supplier Diversity Program (SBE/MBE) - Certifies and assists in identifying business opportunities to Connecticut-owned small and minority business enterprises and ensures agency goal setting, per C.G.S.§ 4a-60g.
  • Surplus and Auctions Program (State & Federal) – Administers the property distribution program for the disposition of usable property that a state agency deems surplus to its operating needs as described in C.G.S.§ 4a-57a.  In addition, DAS is designated as the official agency of the state to acquire, warehouse and distribute surplus personal property of the federal government as described in C.G.S. § 4a-66 and § 4a-67.