DAS Procurement Agency Informational Resources


The DAS Procurement Division is charged with the purchase, lease, or contract for supplies, materials, equipment and contractual services required by any state agency.  In carrying out these tasks, DAS administers contracts through fair, open, competitive sourcing processes.  Competition is the cornerstone of the government procurement process.  These contracts are structured to leverage the combined needs of all Executive Branch agencies of State government. Agency purchasers are afforded the protections of the contract terms and conditions, and can be assured that the contracts meet all statutory, regulatory, policy and business requirements.  By combining agency needs, value-added pricing structures are established and guaranteed through the contract.  

In addition, Connecticut municipalities, public universities and colleges, local schools, and certain non-profit organizations and are eligible to use most contracts administered by the DAS Procurement Division.

The DAS Procurement Division also recognizes that there is a serious need to help small business enterprises (SBE) and minority business enterprises (MBE) (comprised of ethnic minority owned businesses,  woman-owned businesses, nonprofit organizations and companies owned by individuals with disabilities) to be considered for and awarded state contracts. To assist agencies in meeting their annual SBE/MBE Set-Aside goals of 25%, the DAS/Procurement Division makes a good faith effort to set-aside as many contracts or portions of contracts to SBE/MBE companies.