DAS Construction Services - List of Invitations to Bid for Contractors

How To

Find a Department of Administrative Services (DAS) Construction Services Invitation to Bid:

  •  Go to “Currently Posted” Solicitations on the DAS State Contracting Portal. Under “Organization”, select “Administrative Services, Construction Services”.
  • OR
  •  Go to the Apply section of these instructions to find open DAS Construction Services Invitations to Bid.

Receive Notifications of New DAS Construction Services Invitations to Bid:

Prepare and Submit a Bid Proposal Package:

  • Follow the instructions in the Invitation to Bid for preparing and submitting a Bid Proposal Package.
  • At this time, DAS Construction Services requires hard-copy, paper Bid Proposal Packages.

Read the
“State Contractors Guide to the Code of Ethics”:

Submit Affidavits and Certifications:

Follow directions on the DAS Affidavit and Nondiscrimination Form Uploads webpage for required Affidavits and Certifications.

File a Bid Protest:

For alleged violation(s) of bidding law in connection with a specific bid, use the following forms: