Commission Offices


The Workers' Compensation Commission is comprised of an administrative office (the Office of the Chairperson) located in Hartford, and eight workers' compensation districts each having jurisdiction over workers' compensation activity taking place in specific geographic regions within Connecticut (with a District Office for each district throughout the State).



Office of the ChairpersonMap of WCC Chairmans Office - small


The Office of the Chairperson is the office of the agency head, as well as the agency's appellate body hearing appeals from District-level decisions in workers' compensation cases, the Compensation Review Board (CRB).

The Office of the Chairperson also houses the various administrative units that provide oversight of other statutory programs not part of the mandate of the 8 workers' compensation jurisdictions (e.g., Employer Medical Care Plans, Self-Insurance, and Safety & Health Committees), as well as those that provide administrative support for the eight District Offices.


Chairperson of the Workers' Compensation Commission  —  Hartford, CT

Compensation Review Board  —  Hartford, CT

Education Services  —  Hartford, CT

Rehabilitation Services  —  Hartford, CT

Safety & Health Services  —  Hartford, CT

Statistical Division  —  Hartford, CT



District OfficesMap of Workers' Compensation Districts


There are eight Workers' Compensation Commission District Offices whose primary duty is to hold rising levels of hearings between parties in disputed cases, including mediations, informal hearings, pre-formal hearings, and formal hearings.

The District Offices also maintain case records and other types of workers' compensation-related documentation.

Each District Office has jurisdiction over cases and injuries occurring in particular Connecticut cities, towns, and subdivisions, listed in detail on the following pages.


1st District Office  —  Hartford

2nd District Office  —  Norwich

3rd District Office  —  New Haven

4th District Office  —  Bridgeport

5th District Office  —  Waterbury

6th District Office  —  New Britain

7th District Office  —  Stamford

8th District Office  —  Middletown