Commission Services


The Workers' Compensation Commission's most important duty is to adjudicate disputes in workers' compensation cases, and to hear appeals of contested legal decisions arising from those disputes. The Workers' Compensation Act also provides for a number of other services.


Education Services

Informational and educational services and publications are available, as well as personal assistance with general workers' compensation questions by trained professional staff.


Employer Medical Care Plans

The Commission reviews applications from eligible employers to provide medical treatment and care to their injured employees through Commission-approved medical care plans.


Employer Safety & Health Committees

The Commission helps employers meet the requirements of State safety & health committee regulations, with a view to accident reduction and lower workers' compensation costs.


Employer Self-Insurance Plans

The Commission reviews applications from eligible employers to self-insure their workers' compensation liabilities as an alternative to purchasing workers' compensation insurance policies.


Online Services

Online services provide a variety of ways for parties within the workers' compensation system to obtain information, and for specific parties to meet statutorily-required mandates.



Our publications include "plain English" general information and agency reports, benefit rate tables, law books, and guidelines for legal and medical professionals.


Rehabilitation Services

The Workers' Compensation Act provides for rehabilitation services for eligible injured workers. These services are provided by the Department of Aging and Disability Services in our District Office locations.


Statistical Division

The Statistical Division conducts research and provides statistical information for various parties within the workers' compensation system, and creates the annual Benefit Rate Tables publication.