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I-95 Corridor Improvements in Groton, Stonington, and North Stonington

The purpose of corridor improvements is to improve safety on this segment of Interstate 95 by upgrading roadside protective measures to meet current design standards and upgrading/installing new roadway illumination. I-95 in the towns of Groton, Stonington, and North Stonington, Connecticut. The corridor improvements will begin in the Spring of 2023 and last until the Summer of 2026. The project begins approximately 700 feet west of the Mystic Street/Allyn Street overpass and extends east approximately 11.5 miles to the Rhode Island state line.

The scope includes:

  • Resurfacing of the northbound (NB) and southbound (SB) mainline, including an additional 3 inches of polymer modified asphalt pavement.
  • All interchange ramps will receive 2-inch mill and overlay.
  • Upgrades to the guiderail system to meet the current MASH compliant railing.
  • Upgrading roadway illumination.
  • Minor Bridge modifications to the accept new MASH railing.
  • Installation of new safety fencing on bridge structures.
  • Shoulder construction in the right shoulders of NB and SB.


Existing roadside safety appurtenances are not compliant with the latest MASH standards. Horizontal and vertical alignments of I-95 will remain unchanged except at interchange ramps to transition to the additional 3-inch mainline pavement thickness to the existing ramp grades, and at structures that overpass the I-95 mainline to maintain the existing vertical clearance. The projects will be implementing traffic lane shifts to accommodate the bridge work and shoulder reconstruction are varying limits throughout the project.

 Project Overview

Corridor Overview