Quality Assurance

About Us

Mission: To improve the quality of construction contracts by adding value in the design phase, construction phase, and post-construction phase.

Primary Functions:

  • Constructability Reviews – perform constructability plan and specification reviews during all phases (Study/30%/60%/90%/100%) of design
  • Value Engineering Program – manage, track and administer the State Value Engineering Program for both consultant and in-house VE analyses
  • Construction Project Closeout – track performance metrics and process the closeout of all Construction projects
  • Records Examining – perform final project record audits of all Construction projects and perform intermediate project record audits for Construction projects over $25 million

Secondary Functions:

  • Construction Manual Committee – maintain and revise the Construction Manual to reflect changes to specifications, design manuals, and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Lessons Learned, Best Practices – solicit feedback from Construction, Maintenance, and Design units in order to improve plans, specifications, manuals, and business practices
  • Standard Specification Committee – maintain, update, and create Standard Specifications, Owned Special Provisions, Directives, Guidance Documents, and Standard Drawings
Requests for additional information should be addressed to:

Edwin F. Rodriguez, P.E.

Transportation Supervising Engineer

State Value Engineering Coordinator

Email: edwin.f.rodriguez@ct.gov
Phone: (860) 594-3227



Constructability Reviews and Construction Manual Revisions


Donna L. Salzillo

Transportation Engineer 3

Email: donna.salzillo@ct.gov

Phone: (860) 594-2718



Records Examining


Lynn M. Szkoda

Transportation Engineer 3

Email: Lynn.Szkoda@ct.gov

Phone: (860) 594-3270



Value Engineering and Post Construction Reviews


Michael D. Judson

Transportation Engineer 3

Email: michael.judson@ct.gov

Phone: (860) 594-2843



Final Project Closeout and Performance Metrics


Susan Orsini

Transportation Engineer 2

Email: susan.orsini@ct.gov

Phone: (860) 594-2691