Traffic Monitoring Count Data: Volume and Classification Information 

Two Year Comparison of Continuous Count Station Data



The Traffic Monitoring Town Index

Based on a three year count cycle at point specific locations

Counts are taken on State and Local roads

Most Current ADT and hourly data is displayed by town

Historical ADT and vehicle volumes are linked to most current data

Traffic Monitoring Town Index


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Traffic Monitoring Station Viewer





Traffic Monitoring - Portable Count Viewer




Continuous Count Station Daytime Vehicle Speeds

Continuous Count Station Volume Summaries 

Continuous Counter Traffic Volume Synopsis:

The daily change in traffic volumes from February and March

(as compared to the same day of the week in the same month historically)

Daily Traffic Volume Trends


View The Traffic Log Data

The Traffic Log contains highway AADT segments where changes in traffic volumes occur; listed in order by Route.

2018 Traffic Log

2015 Traffic Log