Pocket Guide Inspection Checklists

This page is intended as a resource for the Connecticut Department Construction Inspectors. Below is a listing of inspection checklists that are meant to be used as guides while conducting inspections on Connecticut DOT construction projects.

ADA Compliance Checklist (XLS 3281 KB)
Asphaltic Plug Joint Inspection Report (XLS 58 KB)
Baseline Schedule Review Checklist (XLS 178 KB)
CO Routing Slip (PDF 155 KB)
Cofferdam Checklist (XLS 72 KB)
Complete Projects Checklist (XLS 56 KB)
Concrete Forms Checklist (XLS 72 KB)
Construction Inspection Safety Essentials
Construction Order Checklist (XLS 54 KB)
Construction Responsibility Checklist Memo (PDF 69 KB)
Construction Responsibility Checklist (XLS 79 KB)
Drainage Checklist (XLS 85 KB)
Drainage Presentation (PDF 6.6 MB)
Drainage Presentation (PPS 29.9 MB)
Drilled Shaft Inspection Checklist (XLS 74 KB)
Environmental Inspection Checklist (XLS 55 KB)
Environmental Startup Checklist (XLS 66 KB)
Facilities Construction Info & Checklist (XLS 122 KB)
Final Plan Review Checklist (XLS 523 KB)
Guiderail Checklist (XLS 64 KB)
HMA Paving Checklist (XLS 90 KB)
IMS Checklist (XLS 184 KB)
Material Stored Checklist (XLS 68 KB)
Moveable Bridge Checklist (XLS 3.6 MB)
OSHA Pocket Guide (PDF 286 KB)
Planting Checklist (XLS 116 KB)
Preliminary Deck Checklist (XLS 87 KB)
Prepaving Checklist (XLS 66 KB)
QMP Checklist for CEI (XLS 132 KB)
Sign Sheeting Guide (PDF 538 KB)
Site Safety Checklist (PDF 107 KB)
Steel Checklist (XLS 65 KB)
Structural Concrete Checklist (XLS 205 KB)
TMP Checklist (XLS 67 KB)
Traffic Signal Checklist (XLS 96 KB)
Traffic Signal Punchlist (XLS 124 KB)
Trenching and Excavation Checklist (XLS 140 KB)
Utility Checklist (XLS 108 KB)
Vertical Construction Design Review Checklist (XLS 58 KB)
Work Zone Review Checklist (XLS 72 KB)
WSA Checklist (XLS 78 KB)