New Employee Orientation

Welcome to the CT Department of Transportation

Welcome to the CT Department of Transportation, we are thrilled to have you join our team! You will spend your first day speaking with our Human Resources team going over benefits, forms and getting your documents together. After Human Resources New Hire Orientation expect to meet with your direct manager/supervisor and get familiar with your unit or facility. We hope you are as excited as we are about your first day!

Your Human Resources Representative sent you a New Employee Orientation Packet with details about where to go and what to bring in with you on your first day. If you have questions before coming in, please contact your Human Resources Representative or email

Before you start:

  • The New Employee Orientation Packet can be filled out via PDF Adobe Reader, please fill it out to the best of your ability, save the packet and send it to your HR Representative or
  • We understand you may not have all the information to complete each section, but each form will be explained in detail on your first day.
  • Please take time to read the policies below as you will sign off you have read and received them during orientation.
  • Policies will be discussed on your first day of work, if you have any questions, please make sure to bring them up in our discussion.

On your first day:

  • Please bring your required I-9 Documents. A list of acceptable documents can be found on the Employment Eligibility section of your New Employee Orientation Packet.
  • Please bring any other required documentation such as: Commercial Driver’s License, Medical Examiner’s Card, Degree, or Transcripts, and Military forms such as DD214.
  • If you plan on enrolling dependents in health insurance: please bring copies of marriage licenses, social security cards, and birth certificates.
  • If your position requires a Master's/Bachelor's degree please bring an original degree and official transcript.

Note about Benefits:

Retirement - New Hires to the state are generally members of the Tier IV retirement plan: Retiree Resources (

The SERS Tier IV plan is comprised of both a traditional Defined Benefit component and a new Defined Contribution component. Information about this plan can be found on the State of Connecticut Defined Contribution website, and in the Tier IV Summary Documents for both the Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution portions of the plan.

Medical and Dental Insurance Coverage – Coverage becomes effective on the first of the next month from your start date (ex. If you start September 1st, coverage will begin on October 1st)

The Payroll Department will contact within your first few weeks of work to enroll you in coverage. Please look at the State of Connecticut Employees Health Care Options Planner to review plan options.


General Employee Benefits
02/27/2024 2023/2024 New Hire Overview - State of Connecticut Active Employees
4/03/2024 General Employee Benefits & Contact Information *
11/01/2023 State of Connecticut Employees Health Care Options Planner
01/10/2022 State of Connecticut Job Openings
01/10/2022 Link to Collective Bargaining Contracts ** 
11/16/2023 2024 State Holidays and Check Dates
01/10/2022 Credit Union Information Flyer & Application
01/10/2022 Connecticut Higher Education Trust (CHET) | Fidelity
01/10/2022 Supplemental Benefits & Life Insurance
10/06/2023 SERS Tier IV Summary

If you have dependents that will be on your health insurance, please bring copies of applicable birth certificates/marriage license.

** Current contracts for state employee bargaining units in the executive branch


(You will be required to sign that you have received the materials listed below and understand that as a condition of employment, it is your responsibility to read these materials and to comply with the policies and directives.)

SW - Revised 11/21 Public Officials and State Employees Guide to the Code of Ethics
F&A-10 - Revised 07/01/22 DOT Code of Ethics Policy Statement
F&A-10A - Revised 07/01/22 DOT Code of Ethics Supplemental
PM 81-2 - Revised 06/16/10 Employee Responsibility Concerning Ability to Perform Duties of Job
SW - Revised 02/16 Connecticut's Policy for a Drug-Free Workplace
OPM - Revised 12/9/2019 OPM Policy on Security for Mobile Computing and Storage Devices
F&A-28 - Revised 09/05/18 DOT Policy on Computer Systems Acceptable Use
PM 96-2 - Revised 07/25/18 Usage of State Time, Equipment, Supplies and Materials
PM  90-2 - Revised 06/13/14 Loss of Driver's License
EX.O-03 - Revised 02/22/23 DOT Affirmative Action Policy Statement
EX.O-04 - Revised 02/27/19 DOT Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy and Reporting Procedure
EX.O-17 - Revised 02/27/19 DOT Americans with Disabilities Policy
EX.O-18 - New 05/03/22 DOT Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy
PM 99-3 - Revised 05/31/17 Enforcement of Safety Practices
SW - New 01/10/22 CHRO - Sexual Harassment is Illegal Poster
E&C 31 - Revised 04/08/11 DOT Backing of a State Vehicle Policy Statement
SD-BSP1 - Revised 08/01/21 DOT Distracted Driving, Working & Electronics
PM 80-16 - Revised 12/29/23 DOT Managing Prohibited Conduct and Violence in the Workplace
DOT - Revised 05/18 DOT Workplace Bullying Brochure
PM 86-2 - Revised 09/22/16 DOT Employee Assistance Program
DOT - Revised 2018 Employee Handbook
EX.O-26 - Revised 03/17/2023 DOT Employment of Relatives
OPM - Revised 12/9/2019 OPM Acceptable Use of State Systems Policy
PM 2016-1-Revised 05/03/22 DOT Workplace Conduct and Behavior
PM 92-2 - Revised 05/26/21 DOT Workers' Compensation Procedures