The Office of Labor Relations (OLR) serves as the Governor’s designated representative, through the Secretary of OPM, for collective bargaining matters for state employees.

The following are the current contracts for 17 of the State employee bargaining units in the executive branch.

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Bargaining Unit Name and Contract Duration File Information
NP-1 State Police (2022-2026) 877 KB, 147 pages

Maintenance (2021-2025)

1,169 KB, 168 pages
1,035 KB, 160 pages
NP-4 Corrections (2021-2025) 917 KB, 96 pages
NP-5 1,337KB, 103 pages
NP-6 Paraprofessional Health Care (2021-2025)
8,583KB, 162 pages
604KB, 78
State Police Lieutenants and Captains (2016-2021)
61KB, 28
P-1 Professional Health Care (2021-2025) 
8,583KB, 162
P-2 Social and Human Services (2016-2021) 768KB, 148 pages
4,210KB, 90 pages
3,546KB, 70 pages
P-4 Engineering, Scientific and Technical      (2016-2021) 1,637KB, 94 pages
P-5 Administrative and Residual (2021-2025) 1,325KB, 166 pages
P-6  Assistant Attorneys General (2021-2025)  750KB, 59 pages
P-7 Assistant Attorneys General Department Heads (2021-2025)  750KB, 59 pages

DCF Program Supervisors (2021-2024)

405KB, 56 pages


Current Compensation (Pay Plans)


Job Specifications