The goal of the Office of Labor Relations is to deliver timely and effective labor relations and collective bargaining services on behalf of the State employer in conjunction with Executive Branch agencies and other State agencies.

The Office of Labor Relations (OLR) serves as the Governor’s designated representative, through the Secretary of OPM, for collective bargaining matters for state employees in the executive branch, other than the constituent units of Higher Education, the State Board of Education and the Division of Criminal Justice.

Functions of the Office of Labor Relations include:

  • representation of the State during contract negotiation, midterm bargaining and interest arbitration for 17 State employee bargaining units;
  • representation of the State during the contract grievance process, including serving as the State’s advocate at arbitration hearings;
  • representation of the State at administrative hearings on statutory complaints and petitions before the State Board of Labor Relations;
  • provide training, consultation and advice to agencies on labor relations and employment issues;
  • develop policy guidelines relating to contract administration and other employment related issues;
  • representation of the State during the statutory appeal process for classified managerial and confidential employees;
  • representation of the State in coalition negotiations on statewide issues such as pensions and health care benefits.

The Office of Labor Relations is responsible for the following contracts:

NP-1 State Police
NP-2 Maintenance
NP-3 Administrative Clerical
NP-4 Corrections
NP-5 Protective Services
NP-6 ParaProfessional Health Care

NP-8 Correctional Supervisors
NP-9 State Police Lieutenants and Captains

P-1 Professional Health Care
P-2 Social and Human Services
P-3A Educational Administrators
P-3B Education Professional
P-4 Engineering, Scientific and Technical
P-5 Administrative and Residual

P-6 Assistant Attorneys General
P-7 Assistant Attorneys General Department Heads
P-8 DCF Program Supervisor