Workers' Compensation Selective Duty Program


Participating Agencies

All agencies that employ members of either the NP6 or P1 health care bargaining units may participate in the program. Based on historical data, the following agencies employ the majority of members and therefore will likely utilize the program most frequently.

  • Department of Children & Families Services
  • Department of Correction
  • Department of Social Services
  • Department of Public Health
  • Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services
  • Department of Developmental Services
  • UConn Health Center
  • Veterans’ Affairs

Employee Eligibility Requirements

All employees meeting the following criteria may participate in the program. An employee must be:

  • A member of the NP6 (para-professional) or P1 (professional) health care bargaining unit
  • Recovering from a workers’ compensation compensable work related injury or illness
  • Certified by his/her treating physician to be capable of returning to a full-time or part-time selective duty assignment.