Workers' Compensation Selective Duty Program


The Department of Administrative Services established a Workers’ Compensation selective duty program in 1989 for state employees who are members of either the NP6 (para-professional) or the P1 (professional) health care bargaining units. It is a provision of the labor contracts originally negotiated between the New England Health Care Employee’s Union, District 1199 and the State, and has been in effect since.

The program assists eligible employees in returning to full duty work as quickly as possible after they have been injured on the job. Highlights include:

  • Employees who are temporarily unable to return to their regular duties due to physical limitations caused by an injury are given a less arduous duties assignment at the employing state agency or another agency for a limited period of time.
  • The duties assigned are based on the physical restrictions prescribed by the treating physician.
  • Once an employee participates in the program, the Department of Administrative Services reimburses certain earned wages of the employee during the selective duty work period.

Benefits of the Program

The program has been an excellent means of controlling State Workers’ Compensation costs and improving the morale of injured state employees. Lost time from work is minimized, thus reducing costs. Attitudes of many employees toward a more healthy and positive lifestyle will be restored. 

It is intended to facilitate a return to productive selective/restricted duty for injured workers that are covered by this collective bargaining agreement. The various state agencies, which employ members of the New England Health Care Employee’s Union, District 1199, can apply for participation within the program.