Surplus Found/Seized Property and Unclaimed Goods - Police Department Procedures to Surplus

What's Next

Once the form is complete with transaction number, a representative from the DAS Procurement Surplus Team will schedule a date and time to meet at the contract vendor's location, bringing the items and DPS-38(A).

At the appointment, all items will be verified against the DPS-38(A) and all will sign off on the form as received.  After the appointment, an email will be sent with a scanned signed copy for your records.  

The auction vendor will then handle the auctioning of the item(s).

Acceptable Items Include, but are not limited to:
Currency (USD of any denomination/currency, which is deposited into the General Fund)
Currency (foreign, any denomination/currency, which will be auctioned by the vendor)
Bags / Purses / Wallets 
Glasses / Sunglasses 
Jewelry / Watches
Motorized Items