P-Card Information for State Employee Cardholders

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Department Cards 

Department Cards are State of Connecticut Purchasing Cards ("P-Cards") that are issued in the name of a state agency, division, business unit or other functional unit of an agency or department, instead of in the name of an individual state employee.

Department Cards enable an agency to streamline purchasing and accounts payable functions in a single unit or division because the Department Cards generate only one account to be reconciled and paid.  Department Cards allow flexibility since more than one authorized card user are allowed to utilize one Card to make authorized purchases for the agency, unit or division. 

Travel Cards

A travel card option is available to agencies currently participating in the P-Card Program. This option is available to frequent travelers within an agency. The P-Card, modified with this travel option, allows for payment of cost of hotel lodging, out-of-state car rental and gasoline for out-of-state car rentals. 

When using the travel option, all personal expenses, i.e., meals, movie rental, personal telephone charges, restaurant, room service, gasoline for state vehicles, etc, must not be charged to the State of Connecticut Purchasing Card.