P-Card Information for Agency P-Card Coordinators

How To

Report a Card Lost or Stolen

Immediately call the bank 1-800-316-6056

Lost or Stolen Department Card Procedures

Lost or Stolen P-Card Procedures

Core-CT and Payment Net for managing your agency’s cardholders and reporting. Once you have been identified as the Agency Coordinator, the P-Card Administrator will assign you the Coordinator Role in BizNet.

Use Core-CT

Core UPK’s for P-Card
Core Job Aids for P-Card

Use Payment Net

PaymentNet4 Reports Reference Guide can be found on the Payment Net website

Contact the P-Card Administrator, Kerry DiMatteo for assistance with logging in to Payment Net.

Report Set-Aside Spend

P-Card CHRO Report Tool– Log in and select “Show Page Help” for instructions

SBE/MBE Company Directory Search

Download Cardholder Statements

Use “Statement of Account Portrait” in Payment Net to run cardholder statements.