How to Become a Certified Fire Official

How To

To be considered for a training module or an exam, you must submit a completed application through the OEDM Learning Management System (LMS), including documentation requested, for review by the Office of Education and Data Management and the State Fire Marshal.

All candidates, regardless if sponsored by an Appointing Authority or not, must have:
-- A letter from their employer or department documenting that they meet one of the minimum standards of qualifications as set forth in CGS Section 29‐298(a): (You’ll need an electronic version to upload to the LMS.

-- At least three years experience in fire suppression or fire prevention activities

-- At least three years experience in responding and controlling the release or potential release of hazardous materials

-- At least three years experience in inspection activities concerning the fire safety or prevention code or hazardous materials

-- At least three years experience in the investigation of the cause and origin of fires and explosions

-- At least three years experience as a member of the Connecticut State Police or a local police department

Certification through the Pre-Certification Training Program

Classes start in September and February.  Applications windows will be announced at least 90 days prior to the start of class programs. 

Certification through the Examination Process
Exams are offered in February, May, August and November 

If approved, you will receive a list of books that you’ll have to purchase and bring to either the training or the exam.