Report State Owned Vehicle Accidents

How To

How to report an accident/incident:


  1. On the scene:
     - Refer to Accident Procedures (in bright yellow envelope) in the glove box.
  2. Back at your work location:
    - Report to your supervisor any state employees injuries received.
    - Refer to General Letter #115to make certain that you have complied with all driver responsibilities.
    - Complete our writable PDF Accident Report (handwritten accident reports will NOT be accepted)
    - Email accident report to within 48 hours of accident (copy your supervisor).     
    - If DAS vehicle was towed from the scene inform Fleet of its location: (860) 713-5160.  
  3. Within three days -    
    - Bring vehicle to closest Fleet Operations garage for inspection/repair.    
    - Review with supervisor if a replacement vehicle will be needed.


  • Instruct employee to complete and email Accident Report to within 48 hours.
  • Review your copy of the Accident Report submitted. Follow-up with employee to make certain that any missing information is forwarded.
  • Ensure that any claims of injury to a State employee have been documented and reviewed by a medical doctor as necessary. Complete an initial Injury Report
  • Instruct employee to bring vehicle to a Fleet Operations garage for bodywork estimates within 72 hours.
  • If a replacement vehicle is needed, contact Fleet Operations Hartford Administration Office.     
  •  Review overall driving history of individual. If multiple accidents/tickets driver should receive counseling and participate in additional training