For Drivers of DAS State Owned Vehicles


This page is for those that have been deemed qualified to be an operator of a State-Owned vehicle to complete their work-related travel requirements. In this capacity, you are a highly visible representative of the State of Connecticut to the motoring public. It is imperative that the image we project, is of the highest standards. To meet this goal, there are a few components that you will be directly responsible for, while using the State-Owned vehicle:

  • The safe operation of State Owned Motor Vehicles as outlined in General Letter #115.
         Read through it and familiarize yourself with all aspects of State vehicle use. Particular attention               should be made to the section titled “Responsibilities of Drivers”.
  • Ensuring you have the proper unrestricted Driver’s License at all times.
  • Assuring the proper and timely maintenance of State-Owned vehicles is received through DAS Fleet       Operations Garage locations.

    It is up to each of us to project an image of the highest standards as State of Connecticut employees. You will be the most visible image as the driver of a State-Owned Vehicle. Be responsible, be considerate, and above all, be safe!