For Drivers of DAS State Owned Vehicles

Drivers Responsibilities

This is an overview of the section “Responsibilities of Drivers” as outlined in DAS General Letter #115 .

In this capacity, you are a highly visible representative of the State of Connecticut to the motoring public. It is imperative that the image we project, is of the highest standards. This includes driver habits of a mindful nature considering how your actions will be viewed, keeping a clean vehicle inside and out free from clutter and body damage, and timely maintenance and repair. Complete guidelines from GL115 are:

  • Being knowledgeable of, and compliant with, all of the rules and procedures outlined in this policy and any applicable collective bargaining agreement;
  • Driving courteously and obeying all motor vehicle laws;
  • Ensuring that state-owned vehicles are serviced at proper intervals only at DAS Fleet Operations Garages, or agency operated garages approved by the Director of DAS Fleet Operations;
  • Ensuring that fluid levels (engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, radiator coolant and window washer fluid) of state-owned vehicles are checked and replaced when low;
  • Ensuring that state-owned vehicles are brought in for emissions tests before the expiration date;
  • Ensuring that state-owned vehicles' interiors are kept clean;
  • Complying with all state accident procedures issued by the State Comptroller or the Director of DAS Fleet Operations, including but not limited to completing the DAS Vehicle Incident/Accident Report accident report and emailing the report to and his or her supervisor within 48 hours of the incident;
  • Promptly paying parking fines and other liability charges incurred while operating any motor vehicle on state business. Such fines are the personal liability of the driver;
  • Notifying his or her Agency Transportation Administrator and the Director of DAS Fleet Operations within 72 hours if he or she has been convicted of or has made payment for any motor vehicle violation (not including parking tickets) while driving a state owned vehicle;
  • Possessing the ability, knowledge, skill, experience and appropriate license to operate the type of vehicle assigned;
  • Completing and submitting all required reports within established timelines;
  • Ensuring that his or her motor vehicle licenses and any required motor vehicle insurance is kept active, unrestricted and up-to date; and
  • Notifying his or her Agency Transportation Administrator within 24 hours if his or her motor vehicle license is suspended, revoked or expired.
  • Never operate the vehicle while distracted.
  • NO cell phone or PDA use while driving.
  • NO smoking, vaping or smokeless tobacco.