DAS Collection Services


Collections – Billing Unit


The Collections Billing Unit’s primary responsibility is to maximize revenue by investigating, billing and collecting for services provided by the following agencies whose programs span the State of Connecticut;

  • Department of Developmental Services 
  • Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services 
  • Department of Children and Families 
  • School-Based Child Health program through the Department of Social Services
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs


Collections – Recovery Unit

The Collections Recovery Unit is responsible for collecting money due the State of Connecticut from decedent estates or the recipients of unearned income/assets from lawsuits, personal injury insurance claims or inheritances.

  • When an individual applies for State aid either with the Departments of Social Services, Mental Health & Addiction Services, Children and Families, Developmental Services or has been sentenced to serve a term in jail by a Connecticut Court they are liable for the full amount of assistance received, cost of their care or cost of incarceration.
  • The Recovery Unit identifies individuals or their legally liable relatives who owe the State money and places a claim on the estate or lien with the attorney for the lawsuit/claim. 
  • There are rules that limit the amount of money the State may collect from the windfall. There are additional rules that apply to specific programs found in the Federal codes, which outline the State’s requirement to have estate recovery programs in order to receive Federal dollars. The State must follow these rules when it collects from individuals or estates.
Delinquent Accounts Unit 


The Delinquent Accounts Unit is responsible for pursuing the collection of institutional and public assistance delinquent accounts receivables. Through signed inter-agency agreements the unit acts as a consultant and/or collection agent for a wide variety of state agencies in the collection of past due accounts.

Delinquent Accounts staff possesses the authority and expertise to file a variety of legal papers in Small Claims Court and make service of process.   The unit uses several methods to obtain monies owed the state such as:

  • utilizing the services of an outside collection agency
  • payment arrangements
  • court orders 
  • bank and wage executions 
  • property liens 
  • mortgages
  • intercepts of state income tax refunds and rebates
  • intercepts of federal income tax refunds 
  • liens on annuity lottery winnings

Connecticut State Tax Intercept Program

The Connecticut State Tax Intercept Program was started in 1991 under Connecticut General Statute 12-742. Under the law, the Commissioner of Administrative Services is authorized to intercept State Refunds to offset debts or obligations owed.

Currently, the Department of Administrative Services offsets for its own debt and also for the Department of Social Services, Department of Labor, and University of Connecticut, Connecticut Higher Education Supplemental Loan Authority and the 17 Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU)

When you file your Connecticut State Income Tax and are due a refund, the Department of Revenue Services matches their refund files to our information, and they may then offset that refund. You will receive a notice from DRS advising you of the offset and whom you may contact for additional information. 

Central Accounting (CAU)

Provides centralized accounting services for its customer agencies.

Services include:

  • Billing verification and processing
  • Balancing and reconciling accounts
  • Maintaining transmittals and logging for all accounting transactions
  • Payment processing
               - Researching problems
               - Ensuring successful posting
               - Preparing bank deposits for all receipts.
  • Preparing, reconciling, and distributing various periodical financial reports
  • Developing itemized and per capital liability statements.