What is Remote Support

What are Remote Supports?

Remote Supports – the delivery of supports at a remote location through virtual means by paid staff or natural supports who are engaged with the individual through technology/devices with the capability for live two-way communication.  Remote supports include a service component and a technology component. Equipment used to meet this requirement must include one or more of the following systems: motion sensing system, radio frequency identification, live video feed, live audio feed, GPS tracking, web-based oversight system, or a device that otherwise meets the requirement for two way communication.  Individual interaction with the person providing virtual support may be scheduled, on demand, or in response to an alert from a device in the Remote Support Technology System.   Remote Supports may not be provided at the same time as group day, Individualized Home Supports (IHS), Individualized Day (ID), Supported Employment (SE), Respite, Personal Support, Adult Companion, Individualized Goods and Services, and/or Assistive Technology.  When a team has decided that Remote Supports is a service that will benefit the individual supported, an “in-person response plan,” including identification of who will respond, must be approved by the team before services can be rendered. The intent of Remote Supports is to provide individuals served by DDS a technology-based resource to improve functional capability while promoting independence and maintaining health and safety. 


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To view on YouTube: Independent Living Options Using Remote Supports https://youtu.be/ux9sNn4Lxpw

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