IT Services

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  • Analytics & Business Intelligence Tools

    This service provides techniques and tools used in identifying, extracting, analyzing, querying, reporting, and predictive modeling of business data.

  • Application Delivery Controllers

    An application deliver controller is a device that is typically placed in a data center between the firewall and one or more web and/or application servers to provide load balancing, health checks, and high availability assurance. It also includes SSL off loading, as well as serving as a web application firewall.

  • Automation Services

    The Department of Administrative Service Bureau of Information Technology Solutions Data Center Operations provides for workload automation using the Computer Associates ESP product.

  • BITS Payment Services Application

    The BITS Payment Service was created for the benefit of State Agencies that need to develop an application which has the ability to process credit card transactions.

  • BizNet Services

    BizNet is a DAS Application Framework used for in-house custom application development and support.

  • Connecticut Education Network (CEN)

    CEN is Connecticut’s premier provider of high-performance internet services to public and private organizations. Since 2000, CEN has been accelerating the progress of our members by providing reliable, low latency, high-speed networking and security services. We are the provider of choice for organizations that demand exceptional value, performance, and highly personalized service.

  • Custom Application Development

    The Applications Development Group of the Department of Administrative Services / Bureau of Information Technology Solutions (BITS) is committed to the design, development, implementation and integration of computer information systems in support of State of Connecticut Agencies and DAS Service Areas.

  • Data Center Operations Services

    The Department of Administrative Service Bureau of Information Technology Solutions (BITS) Data Center Operations is a service provided to state agencies to monitor and react to statewide network, data center or system events 24 hours per day.

  • Data Integration

    Data Integration involves combining data residing in different sources and providing users with a unified view of these data.

  • Database Administration

    This service provides for the development and design of database strategies, monitoring and improvement of database performance, capacity planning for future expansion requirements, restoration of damaged databases, and planning, coordination and implementation of database security.

  • Distributed Platforms

    BITS Server Management offers secure highly available virtual hosting solutions for statewide applications and services.

  • eGovernment Services

    Everything you need to know about the eGovernment program.

  • Enterprise Application Hosting and Support

    Provide application server hosting for statewide agency web based applications hosted and managed by DAS BITS.

  • Enterprise Architecture

    State of Connecticut Enterprise Architecture (CTEA) Information

  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions

    DAS/BITS offers Enterprise Content Management (ECM) as a service to provide a standardized software for organizing and storing documents.