State Surplus Computers, Laptops & Hard Drives – State Agency Procedures to Surplus


The Department of Administrative Services, Surplus Property Program is the legally authorized agent in the State for the disposition of all usable property that a state agency deems surplus to its operating needs. 

For security and environmental reasons, computer equipment and other electronic equipment cannot be disposed of in the same manner as other state property.
Because of this, DAS Surplus Property Program has designed a specific form to be used on Public Surplus to enable members of state agencies to surplus, through internal reallocation, former state computers, laptops and CRT monitors for use in other state agencies, municipalities or non-profits.  These products cannot be made available for public auction. This form is also used to scrap the same broken items that must go to an approved Electronics Recycling Vendor.  

If the surplus computer property cannot be transferred between state agencies, it is then offered to municipalities.  If the property is not claimed by a municipality, at that point the property is offered to non-profit organizations.