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AIA Elevates DAS' Kermit Thompson to the College of Fellows

The 2018 Jury of Fellows from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) elevated 152 member-architects to its prestigious College of Fellows, an honor awarded to members who have made significant contributions to the architecture profession.

This year, DAS’ Kermit Thompson of the Office of School Construction Grants and Review is included in this prestigious college.

“We are extremely proud and impressed with Kermit’s appointment to the College of Fellows,” said DAS Commissioner Melody Currey.   “His dedication, skill and commitment to his profession have led to this appointment and I congratulate him on this notable achievement.”

The Office of School Construction Grants and Review is responsible for the grant administration of all Connecticut public school construction projects seeking authorization for a State grant commitment. The Office of School Construction Grants and Review actively serves the 169 Connecticut municipalities, 17 Regional School Districts and 6 Regional Educational Service Centers in the project application process. 

Office of School Construction Grants and Review Director Kostas Diamantis said, “Kermit brings his successful and lengthy experience as an architect to our schools for the benefit of children. His leadership in his field has elevated school construction to an art form.”

The fellowship program was developed to elevate those architects who have achieved a standard of excellence in the profession and made a significant contribution to architecture and society on a national level. Prospective candidates have demonstrated influence in at least one of the following categories:

• Promoted the aesthetic, scientific, and practical efficiency of the profession;

• Advanced the science and art of planning and building by advancing the standards of architectural education, training or practice;

• Coordinated the building industry and the profession of architecture through leadership in the AIA or other related professional organizations; or

• Advanced the living standards of people through an improved environment.

The stringent requirements result in only three percent of the AIA’s more than 91,000 members being recognized as fellows. Currently, there are 3,425 living fellows globally.

The fellows will be honored at a ceremony on June 22 at the AIA Conference on Architecture 2018 in New York City.

For more information contact Jeffrey Beckham DAS Communications Director/Staff Counsel at or 860-713-5195.