Linking Homepage Navigation

  1. From the Services menu in the Content Editor, select the navigation title you wish to link or re-link.
  2. In the right pane, scroll down to Base Data section.
    Edit base data
  3. Modify the Content Title field as needed. This will be what shows up in the left navigation.
  4. Enter a Teaser (a brief description of the page title). This will be what the visitor sees when they hover over the left navigation.
  5. Insert the Page URL the navigation title will link to.
    1. Select the Clear link to remove an existing one you are replacing.
    2. Select the Insert link hyperlink to navigate to the page you wish to link the navigation to.
      Insert the path to your desired page
  6. Select the Save Save icon icon.


How to Create Navigation Sub-Topics (Lift and Shift only)