Landing Page Overview

The Agency Landing page is the first view of the Agency website visitors will see and the home base for all Agency-related tasks and information they may wish to find.

image of example landing page

Areas you can edit:
  1. Agency Branding Banner
  2. Most Popular Services List
  3. Feature Boxes
  4. Quick Link Lists
  5. Commissioner Area
  6. Agency About Area
  7. Social Media Area
  8. Contact Area


How to get to the Agency Landing Page to edit it:
  1. Log into Sitecore.
  2. Click on Experience Editor icon. Experience Editor icon

    NOTE: The Agency Landing Page can also be edited from the Content Editor  Content Editor icon.

  3. Navigate to the Agency landing page using the Navigation bar.
  4. Select Go. The Agency Landing Page will open with a warning message, if it is unlocked.
  5. Click on the Lock and Edit link in the message box.
    Lock and Edit Warning Message
  6. Edit any of the page areas.