Experience Editor

The Experience Editor is an intuitive editing environment designed for Content Authors and Approvers to edit and write content directly on the page.

NOTE: System Administrators can view their website in this mode as well as in Content Editor mode.

There are two main areas of the Experience Editor:

The below image shows a basic web page in Edit mode.

Experience Editor View


The Ribbon

The Ribbon at the top of the page provides you with all the available functionality needed to manage your website.

Learn more about the Experience Editor Ribbon

 Experience Editor Ribbon - Home Tab


Editing Area

The Editing Area allows you to easily make changes to page properties or content directly on the page. You can edit items that are visible on the page such as text, graphics, logos, links, and so on.

Key areas you will typically be able to edit include:

  • Alert Bar Notice - activate or deactivate and edit the alert message (System Administrators Only)
    Alert Bar function

  • Page Properties - tagging the page to a navigation topic or list, adding a brief description, and adding or editing metadata (Tagging is for Full Migration websites ONLY).
    Page Properties function

  • Page Content - editing content such as text, graphics, and links
    Page content editing