Content Editor

The Content Editor is one of two viewing modes that shows your website folder structure, as well as give you the ability to manage and edit all content on your website. The other viewing mode is the Experience Editor.

NOTE: Only System Administrators can view their website in this mode.

There are three main areas of the Content Editor:


The below image shows the Content View of an Agency website.
Content Editor View


The Ribbon

The Ribbon at the top of the page provides you with all the available functionality needed to manage your website. There are seven tabs, each with their own set of functions you can perform. However, every tab includes the Save Save icon icon for ease of saving your changes.

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 Content Editor Ribbon - Home tab


The Content Tree

The content tree shows your website folder structure. Here, you can navigate to the folder and page you wish you edit. The content tree has a similar structure to the one used in Windows Explorer. You can expand and open every item with an arrow, just as you can with the folders in Windows Explorer.

NOTE: You can also view the content tree through the Experience Editor from the Navigation Bar (if checked to display).

 Content Editor Content Tree

The Content Area

The content area shows areas of the page you can edit, as well as other page properties such as tagging and metadata.

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Content Editor Content Area