Content Editor Areas

The Content Editor Areas contain all the information needed to edit your page, all on one screen. Depending upon the template you are editing, some areas will appear or should be ignored. There are several areas you will most likely never touch, so here are the common ones:


Base Task Data

Content Editor - Base Task Data area

The Base Task Data area contains:

  • Show task item - Selecting this checkbox will toggle the link's visibility in the left navigation (hidden to visible)

NOTE: This area only displays on a task template.


Section Data

Content Editor - Section Data area

The Section Data area contains:

  • Show Title - Displays the page title on the page
  • Show More Items Link - Toggles a 'More Items' button after a list on Topic pages (ex. loading more press releases)
  • Section More Link - The link where the user goes when clicking on the Show More Items checkbox
    • Insert link - Hyperlink to a page or folder within your website
    • Insert media link - Hyperlink to a document within your Media Library
    • Insert external link - Hyperlink to another website page (not in Sitecore)
    • Insert anchor - Hyperlink to an area further up or down on the same page
    • Insert email - Hyperlink to an email address
    • Insert JavaScript - Hyperlink to a JavaScript file (Not Allowed)
    • Follow -N/A
    • Clear - Clears the contents in the field
  • GA Category Name - Adds a Google Analytics event tracking category

NOTE: This area only displays on a task template.


Base Data

Content Editor - Base Data area

The Base Data area contains:

  • Content Title - The title that appears on the page (if the Show Content Title checkbox is selected)
  • Teaser - A brief description of the page that shows up on the website under page results
  • Content HTML - Where page content is entered and edited
    • Show editor - Brings up the Rich Text Editor, showing all content, images, and links in design view; also can view the HTML code
    • Suggest fix - Looks through your content and the HTML and displays changes or HTML errors. Using this feature may remove formatting or functionality.
    • Edit HTML - Brings up the HTML code view to edit
  • Show Content Title - Selecting this checkbox displays the content title on the page
  • Show on Home Page - Selecting this checkbox displays the content title on the homepage under the quick links area


Topic Association

Content Editor - Topic Association area

The Topic Association area is where you tag the page to a topic or subtopic on your website,, or include it in a dynamic list.

  • Topic Category - This category is for tagging the page to topics under a main topic, such as Health and Human Services, Safety, Education, etc.

  • Agency Category - This category is for tagging the page to topics under your Agency main topics
  • Agency Lists - This area is for tagging the page to lists on your Agency website

NOTE: This area is only for Full Migration websites.


Content Editor - Meta Data area

The Metadata area contains:

  • MetaTitle - The title that displays in the browser or browser tab header and search results
  • MetaDescription - A brief description of the page that displays in search results
  • MetaKeywords - A short list of keywords or phrases, separated by commas, to help guide search engines to the content and rank it more appropriately


Image Data

 Content Editor - Images Data area

The Image Data area allows you to display an image in the results listing on a web page. You can manage the image with:

  • Browse - This opens the Media Library to locate the image you wish to display

  • Properties - This opens a menu box to modify properties of the image such as the Alt text, image size, and spacing distance around the image
  • Open media library - This opens the Media tab of the Media Library, where you can view and modify additional properties of the image such as location, title, keywords, etc.
  • Edit image - This opens the Image Editor toolbox where you can resize, flip, or rotate your image
  • Clear - Clears the contents of the field
  • Refresh -N/A